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Nine Rubies App

How to Use the Nine Rubies App

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Introduction | Buying a Pattern | Keeping Track of a Project | Tools


The Nine Rubies Knitting App has four different sections located at the top of the screen that allow you to browse through a specific set of patterns. The four sections are: featured, free, category, and my patterns.

• Featured: A selection of featured patterns in the app that is very popular with Nine Rubies knitters.

• Free: All free patterns available for download in the app.

• Category: A list of groups that each pertain to a specific item; this section allows you to narrow your search extensively depending on the project you want to start; i.e. a scarf, a hat, or a blanket.

• My Patterns: It contains every pattern you’ve downloaded or purchased. You can browse through the selection to easily pick up on unfinished projects or begin a pattern you may have forgotten to start.

To view different looks of a pattern, swipe your finger left across the box of any pattern you want to see. To return to the first photo, swipe your finger right instead of left.

Buying a Pattern

Touching a pattern opens a window that gives a brief overview of the schematics (gauge, stitch, size) and the materials needed to begin. To download or purchase the pattern, press the red button with the price on it (if there is no price, the red button will say "free").

The app will redirect you differently depending on whether you are downloading or purchasing a pattern.

• Purchase: When buying a pattern, pressing the red button will open a window asking you to confirm your purchase. Once you confirm your purchase by pressing the button "Buy," you will be redirected to the "Start" page mentioned before.

• Download: If you are downloading a free pattern, touching the red button will automatically redirect you to a "Start" page to begin your project.

Keeping Track of a Project

The Nine Rubies Knitting App is very unique in that it allows you to keep tabs on all your projects. You can access your projects at any time by touching the "My Patterns" button and pressing on the pattern you want to start or pick up from.

• When viewing the status of your project, the app will default you to the "Start" page. The "Start" page is identical to the window that pops up when you first touch a pattern, but also contains a large green button at the bottom that says "Start Pattern."

• Pressing the "Start Pattern" button will redirect you to the "Instructions" page automatically, where you will be given the instructions for the pattern. You may notice a small ruby before the beginning of each line and a counter at the end. This ruby serves as a placeholder; it marks where you are in a pattern and helps you monitor your progress throughout the project.

• Once you have completed a line of instructions, you can touch the next to record your progress. As you move forward in your project, you will notice a bar underneath the pattern title increase in length. This bar measures the completeness of your project. As you mark off your instructions, the percentage will increase until you have come to the last line (though the progress bar does not account for repetition within the pattern).

• After coming to your last line of instructions, touch the final button, the "Finish" button, at the top of the page to complete your knit. The "Finish" page will give you a final instruction before presenting you with the "I'm Finished" button. Touch the "I'm Finished" button to wrap up the project and receive congratulations for your hard work. You will also be given the time it took you to complete the project.

You'll notice after completing a project two small icons located at the bottom of the page. The first button is a link to Facebook, the second a link to Ravelry. The icons are a convenient way to share your newly finished project with all of your friends on Facebook and Ravelry. Simply press the icon of whichever website you'd like to upload the pattern of your project to.


Tools are the details of the app that make it so convenient for knitting.

On the first page of your project, the "Start" page, you will see the size the instructions are set to. If you touch the size, a window will pop up and give you all available sizes for your pattern. By pressing a given size, i.e. large or small, you automatically adjust the instructions of the pattern to that chosen size.

At the top right hand corner, you will see an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a pen on top. This icon is used to take notes. By pressing it, a small window will pop up underneath for you to type your notes into. Simply press the window to begin typing. The notes will be saved to the pattern automatically.

To adjust settings, click the small icon resembling a gear at the top right hand corner of the page. A window will open to give you three options: altering the measurement system, contacting Nine Rubies Knitting, and restoring your purchases.

• The Nine Rubies Knitting App defaults to American units of measurement, but allows you to adjust to the metric system by pressing the button marked “Meters/Grams.”

• The app gives you three different ways to contact Nine Rubies, located underneath the measurements settings. The first icon allows you to contact Nine Rubies through email, the second through Facebook, and the third through Ravelry. Touch the icon of your desired means of contact.

• At the top left hand corner of the window is the "Restore Purchases" button. Touching this button will refund you your download or purchase.

To view the abbreviations of a pattern, touch an abbreviation and hold your finger down. Holding your finger down will cause a window to pop up with the definition of each abbreviation. If the key does not contain a definition of an abbreviation, the abbreviation will be written in the instructions.

If you need to adjust the counter, touch the button located at the end of the line you've marked. Pressing it will result in the counter increasing by one automatically. You can also adjust the counter by holding your finger down on the button until a small window pops up. This window is especially useful if you want to set your counter to a high number, as it allows you to scroll down to the highest setting.

Depending on the orientation of your iPad, you will or will not be able to view your chart automatically. If your iPad is oriented horizontally, you will see the chart to the right of the page underneath the photos of the pattern. If your iPad is oriented vertically, you will need to swipe to view a chart.

Vertical Orientation: You may notice two very small circles located at the bottom of the page. The small circles indicate the amount of pages available to swipe through as well as the page you are on. All patterns on the Nine Rubies Knitting App have two pages to swipe through, and the app will always default to the first page (as shown by the darker circle).

To view the second page, swipe your finger left across the screen. Doing so will take you to a page with photos of the finished pattern and, depending on the pattern you've chosen, a chart. The chart will be located at the bottom of the second page and can be viewed by scrolling down.

• A chart will give you the option to mark your place by touching the line you are on. Once you have marked your place, a ruby will appear to the right of the chart and all lines after it will be darkened.

• To view the legend of a chart, hold your finger down on the chart until a window pops up. The window will give you an explanation of all the symbols.

• For patterns with colorwork, the chart will be color coded to distinguish between which yarn you should use for certain stitches and rows.

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